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An Email For My Friend

Hey Jakob,

So as you know, I have been doing lots of activities since I was 4. Therefore, I have decided to do something, which is letting go most of the activities I have done over the years.

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My mom and dad have always been pushing and encouraging me to do more. But having done so many activities, I have forgotten to have fun. I even do not sense a teenie-weenie pleasure while engaging in the activities that I am supposed to do. Whenever I read your emails, you always mention that you put off any sort of activity when it stops being fun to you. You never try to push yourself to become the best of it.

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You are choosing to or not to do them which is, for me, incredible. I finally made up my mind and took this decision after I have played Bioshock and as once a man said “A man chooses, a slave obeys.”. I am not saying that my parents are seeing me as a toy that they can manufacture and play for an all long eternity. But I believe I am mature enough to take most of my own decisions, which I will start doing from now on.

Anyways, I hope you are doing okay and getting along with that annoying teacher of yours. Take care.

Yours Truely,


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