A Unusal Dilemma

What is right and what is wrong? There are wise things to do as well as stupid things. There are truths and there are lies. All in one place, all in balance. That’s the main content of the world. Also the very main thing the world is made from.

Have ever heard about Ying and Yang? In Chinese culture, there’s a belief that has been described with a simple drawing of one circle which is half black with a little white in it and half white with a little black in it. Those two colours represent Ying and Yang. Ying can be assosociated with several words as follows: female, negativity, night, passive motion, moon, intuitive, cold and soft. Nevertheless yang can be assosociated with just the opposite words: male, positivity, day, active motion, sun, logical, hot and hard. As understood, ying and yang are just opposite to each other yet they cannot complete a full circle without another. Moreover, even to be complete in themselves, they require the other because ying contains even the bits of yang while yang contains the bits of ying.

With that being said, we now can clearly understand that mistakes we make may not always lead to bad ways or not all the things we intend to have good consequences are perfectly right thing to do. According to situations we must decide which will be our choice, ying or yang with the awareness of the existence the other inside of the one we chose to do. To put in perspective, let us assume that we must steal food for a extremely hungry child. Does that make us the villain or the victim? Does that make us a bad person or a good person?

In such kind of a dilemma, we should be aware of all the possibilites and economical, social opportunites we have. We must consider all the solutions we have to feed the kid but unless we come up with one… Then, stealing from someone who is already able to afford another food or maybe a better one begins to seem not so bad. We in this case are in the middle of the ying and yang, a perfectly lined border. We are making something bad that has been accepted this way by society just to make something better which, perhaps, will never be seen or appreciated by the society. But society’s approval does not specifically mean it is the thing it must not be done, and maybe just a sign to be done.

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