Ancient Olympics

If I had a time machine. I would use the time machine to see lots of historical events throughout the history. But the most exciting one definitely would be the Introduction of the Olympic Games (776 BC). I love both doing and watching sports so I think that the event would be really fun to attend.

The ancient Oylmpic Games which are founded by Ancient Greeks was actually concidered as a gift to the father, Zeus. They were held every four years just like they are being held now. In fact, there are not many differences between Ancient Olympics and 21st Century Olympics. Few sports were added and nowadays everyone can attend from any race or gender. It wasn’t like that when the Ancient Olympics were being held. Back then, only freeborn Greek men were allowed to participate. Women were only allowed on chariot events, which is pretty sad.

Ancient Olympics actually had a lot of uses. People were putting bets on sportsmen and some even managed to make a living out of Ancient Olympic bets. Politicians were also involved. Most politicians would team up with other politicians to create a gang type group to provoke the opposite groups. The games were also used to help spread the Hellenistic culture throughout the Mediterranean.

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