Andre White

Andre White stepped out of the haberdashery. He was the head of his own business which was importing, managing and churning out the braid goods. He was also selling tapestry but he didn’t know anything about textile or knitting. İt was a descendant business so he had to take over after his uncle died. His uncle also was a grumpy person as Andre, in contrast of his dad and mum. His dad was calm, affectionate person and his mum was brave, liberate Scandinavian (which also explains why Andre had a ginger bomb head). Andre had a placid, dull, monotonous childhood. Everything was so normal that he sometimes wanted to see what would happen if he just jumped out of the window. He was not concerned because their apartment was about 3 meters above the concrete. They had that Balkan stereotyped apartment which was gloomy. He hated that block and besides of his boring life he was very numinous. He tried to find the joy at business, school, college and moreover. Non of them that he succeed. His friends and family always expected him to be a gentle. He was indeed a gentleman but they were suppressing and imposing that on him illogically. He felt a lot of pressure growing. And when he hit 18 he never felt as an adult. That undisclosed and extinguished prod feeling he was hiding underneath his body never had gone out. And that was the reason he never had a personality. He didn’t fit anything. Not a tycoon. Not an imp-like. Not an adonis. Not a disappointment. He was just a part of the cosmos and trestle of a community which had a lot of substitutes in default of him.

One night after work he found a mask inside his house, wondered what was it and where did it come from. That evoked the Jim Carrey movie to him. He put on the mask and pretended to be scary. Then a view on the corner took his attention, it was the public bank official premises. He thought about how many dollars they had inside. Then he mumbled “Probably more than a billion!” God I wish I had that much of money, he said. Then he thought about robbing the bank. That was spontaneous and a windfall that he was pondering on this aberrance. He has taken good morals from his parents. They never directed him to a bad way. But something did him wrong that he grabbed the first eyeful gun into his hand and put his mask on. He also grabbed a bludgeon and nonchalantly stepped out of his apartment then hit the bank’s glass with his bludgeon. He scared everyone in the bank. They quickly grabbed the phone to call the polis but Andre didn’t let any of them to happen. He aimed the gun to everyone in the bank. But it was just a pistol. Not even a baby army would be scared of it. But there was something really special with Andre when he was on the very act. He was a whole monstrous person. Nobody in the bank did cooperate and knock him out because they couldn’t venture it. Their instinct made them to stand aghast. This was not shocking for Andre because in that moment he really didn’t think about what will happen or whether he’ll be arrested, he was just having the time of his life and, yet, that was what dragged everyone into Andre’s sortilege.

After his first crime he started to do this every once in a while. At least 2 that he was committing in a month. And the times that he was off, nobody did know where he was. The nights that he was out in the yard and robbing was a darkness. He always turned up when nobody was vigilant. After a point, police and FBI took it serious and armored a military squad to every bank in America. But Andre also did evolve himself. He was quite popular among revolutionists. The down and out part of the country was rooting for him. They were organizing themselves every night wearing Andre’s mask and protesting. And that was what confused the police. Andre would every night struck out an intricacy then snuck out. Even a hummingbird wouldn’t catch him at the game. He was a Joker. He was a Tyler Durden. He was a James Bond. Andre, as a character, could sound a bit delusional and copied. But indeed he was born to be the chairman. He was the polity himself. He was the burial and redemption. But besides all, he was a lost man back then. How did he get the courage and strength? Answer was easy; he was meant to be special but it got ruined somehow. After all the foremost thing shouldn’t be forgotten, you can’t stop a person who has the power because a person with the potential can never be wasted, it can just be misused. And poor Andre was just one of an instance. He was the greatest power for a while as one person. He was never a knitter man, and the disparaging feeling was drowning him. He had to peel it away, in a more disparaged way.


One day Andre decided to subjugate, not to police, to himself. He realized how big of an impudence he meddled himself into. He went to the church and prayed. His mask was on but nobody was bothered, they just glared at him. It was a shame to be wearing the ”tackless mask”. Nobody did even detect that he could be the burglar who goes out every once in a while. Andre didn’t even felt like he was the criminal. He thought that maybe god’s warm arms cuddled him. Then he snarled himself and started crying. He went up to the rostrum and started shouting to himself  “You think that you can compensate yourself after all the things you did. I don’t deserve the mercy, I don’t deserve the compassion and I don’t deserve to live in a world within all you uncomplaining, considerate people. I am just a cruel and you are the victims. I should be the one sacrificing my life when all of you are trying to find the hope. I am the scam, trick and evil himself.” Then he took out the pistol from his right pocket. Everyone was screaming. He continues speaking “You know when Oscar Wilde said: Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell the truth. Oscar was right. May god forgive me.” Then he pulled the trigger right into his head, his blood dribbled from his neck and the defiance cut out at its half-mast. But the one lesson to be learned, is that not to be like Andre White.

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