Animal Rights – Protection of Animals

Animal Rights – Protection of Animals

So, as to start off with the text, I will be talking about animal rights and the protection of animals. So, first of all, animals are also living things. Yes, they can’t talk, but they have a heart, a soul, and a life. We humans destroy their living rights by cutting trees, causing glaciers to melt down into water, that causes polar bears’ environment to disappear. I can’t even count how many disasters humans have created.

In North Korea and China, there is this festival on 21st of June called Yulin, where HUMANS eat dogs that is a complete disaster. I remember crying, when I saw those videos on Youtube and Instagram, that they kill those innocent animals in a extremely abusive way. And I don’t even know why I call these disgusting people who eat dog meat HUMANS.

So in the past days, the research has showed us that 80% of dogs and cats are homeless. Can you believe it? 80% !!! Look, don’t buy pets from PET SHOPS.
What is the fault of stray dogs? What did they do? They just want to be loved.
Nobody cares about a luxurious villa with some big garden in it, containing some delicious dog food.
T H E Y     J U S T     W A N T     T O     B E     L O V E D !!!!!
For an example, Pitbulls… People are just really biased just because they have a small amount of danger. It’s horrible! Now, imagine that you are born as a Pitbull, you walk across the street, everybody has their eyes on you, and you hear a voice… hold on a second, is that the sound of a police? You turn your back. What is that? You see some red-blue light flashing right into your eyes.. Umm, what can it be? Wait, did they just stop? They’re getting off the car… Are they coming towards me? Oh damn…
Whatever, see you guys on the other side! I have to be arrested for no reason.

Love y’all !!!

Yes, that’s how people treat animals these days… Why am I living in this generation?
I assume that in 50 years, we won’t even have a cup of water to drink…

Now, I would like to talk about some animal abuses that people have done in the last two years. So this brainless guy has hung this thick rope around this harmless dog and then joined that rope on the back of the car…So, when that car moves that dog has to GO with that car that is moving … and imagine how hard it is. That dog got permanent damage because of that action… What is wrong with you people?
Do you want that dog to die or what? What is going in your mind?
I just hate humans nowadays…

For the second incident, this happened last summer, a year ago.
So once again, there is this harmless puppy, so when this puppy was just hanging around in the forest whatsoever, this rapist guy got some cutting machines and just chopped off this dog’s 4 legs and the tail. A responsible family found this dog lying on the floor, and they immediately took this puppy to the vet. The puppy could only live for two days… Isn’t our world depressing now?

I just want everybody to see the true face of what we call “HUMANS”.

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