Anonymous Heroes

What the world has become? Was it in our generation’s faith to see all those devastating events happen all at once? What scenario is next? In my 17 years on earth, I lived during a worldwide pandemic, I saw war happen, I witnessed my country approaching towards its own apocalypse day by day, I saw people fight with the current economical crisis and I saw them suffer. Humanity. What a word! It comes from the word ‘human’ what we all are technically. But do we really carry the responsibilities that being the most developed creature on earth comes with? Let me answer that for you. No.

We see people, animals forests our one and only home Earth getting harmed. The Earth which is 4,5 billion years old has become a home for various creatures till now. Then us humans stepped on that so called planet of ours and we chose to destroy its set harmony. We let the climate change to be something real, we watched people killing people and kept our silence, we let pure selfless creatures like animals get harmed, and we let our egos lead us therefore we came so close to the end.

We needed others to start taking action in order to stand for ourselves,  we pushed others ahead when we thought we were accused of being guilty even though we were, we chose to ignore the screams that were loud enough for us to act up. We put ourselves in the position of someone who cannot express her/his own rights. We chose to divide ourselves into groups which define us, we refused to be one united group that fights for what they believe.

Every and each of us have the same rights on paper but when it comes to the argument of who has the most power we all try to prove the power we hold via violence, accusation and self oriented moves. We get hobbies that distract us from actually seeing the truth behind things and in that way we keep our mouths shut, we keep our eyes closed.

The rights of people supporting what they believe, them expressing their thoughts and protesting about the things that they find wrong in a system have all been taken from them. We cannot make ourselves heard, at the end our screams are being silenced but there is this thing that they don’t know yet: ‘Silence is the loudest scream.’ Then there are those who does not accept the fact that they are being silenced and find other ways to make their voice heard. Such as anonymous heroes who defend themselves in every way they could. They hide their identity but still make what they want clear. As Oscar Wilde has said ‘ A person is little like himself when he talks with his own identity, he will only tell the truth if he is given a mask.’

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