One day, when Hailey was six years old, she was very brave against the dark, until that movie, Hailey’s school was on vacation for two weeks, and she was sleeping a little late at night, as Hailey wanted to watch a movie before going to bed one night, but because she was brave against the dark, she decided to watch a horror movie with confidence. While watching the movie, she realized that she couldn’t watch the horror movie bravely. In the movie Hailey watched, there were people wearing scary masks, mummies and zombies, Hailey was so afraid of the movie that almost the zombies in the movie created a tramp for Hailey, but Hailey stubbornly continued to watch the movie because maybe my fear would go away. she cried, her eyes were purple, Hailey was so impressed with the movie that when she went to the kitchen to drink water, she saw that zombie behind her and a second after Hailey saw the zombie, the zombie was gone, actually Hailey had a small-scale dream because of the movie, And these dreams come true in places Hailey does not want. Hailey was not happy with this situation at all and she regretted watching a horror movie at that age. She wished she had watched an animated movie. she had survived the trampoline, but when Hailey was 13 years old, she saw that zombie while drinking water in the kitchen again. Hailey never met those zombies again.


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