Another Boring Life

If I wanted to spend a day with someone’s life, that person would be my best friend. Well, if I could spend a day with my best friend as I see him from the outside, I think it would be like this… As soon as I got up in the morning, I would look at the notifications on my phone. Then I would wash my hands and face and brush my teeth. He went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. I used to change after I had my dinner. I would look at the phone again and have a snack. Then I would do my homework and study for my lessons. After I finished my homework, I would go out to the mall to meet my friends. We would eat hamburgers and shop. Then I would come home and sleep. In fact, if we look at it, it seems very boring and plain. But there is one thing, this is my opinion, I don’t know how he will one day be in real life.

Nisan Özay

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