Another Choice For Education

Imagine a university that is about technology and space. Wouldn’t it be so fancy? Well, Elon Musk has opened a technology university that follows a different educational path. The main question is should these kinds of schools be expanded?

Out-Of-Class Innovation — CASE

In my opinion, these kinds of schools play an important role to choose kids’ jobs and kids’ development.  For example, a kid wants to be a basketball player. To be a basketball player learning mathematics, physics or other subjects are needless. In schools, the kid cannot improve their basketball skills. But there are some special schools for sports which only provide the improvement at sport. Gençlerbirliği Futbol Okulu başlıyor – Gençlerbirliği

To me, education is not just about dividing into numbers or learning some formulas. I’m not saying that these things are not crucial but some schools are just teaching kids just lessons. To learn the real-life people must teach kids in these schools. To give an example, vocational high schools are a terrific example. These schools prepare students for life and their dream job.

COVID-19 in children and the role of school settings in transmission – second update

To sum up, I believe that schools are not just about learning maths, it is also important to learn the life. Following a different education system can be beneficial to some students.

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