Another Phone Call

When I was leaving the hospital, I took my phone out of my bag. While trying to turn on the screen I noticed that it was running out of charge. Trying not to see the problem my inside, I put the phone back in my bag.

Out of the hospital, as my strained gaze wandered the street, I just looked at the people around. Some were sitting on the bench, some were crying, some did not know what to do happiness, some were entering the emergency door with anxiety. He answered me after wishing good night to security in front of the door. I quickly started walking towards my house to get rid of the hospital gowns I was wearing.

When I entered the street where I lived, I entered the telephone booth at the beginning of the street because the distress inside me no longer allowed it. I tried to protect myself from the cold of winter in three-sided glass hut. I took the handset and called the number I knew by heart. I studied the people on the busy street until the phone was picked up.


“Mrs. Brown, is there a problem?”

It was not normal for his mother to buy my best friend’s phone. Tears followed the continuation of “Jess, Victoria”.

It shouldn’t have occurred to me. Could not. Is not it?

“What’s going on Mrs. Brown?”

“We lost it, Jess! We lost my little baby…”

The handset slipped from my hand. Had happened. I got out of the phone booth and threw myself into crowd of people. Why didn’t I cry? My best friend left me alone in this world and I was staring blankly…

Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible and it’s was impossible for me.

A hiccup broke out in my throat and I couldn’t hold it. I threw myself in front of one of the shops with difficulty and left it free. My hiccups were incessant. Tears could my vision, my tears was like suicide. Maybe it would be more correct to say that she honored his. Yes, yes that. They honored the departure of my only sister, friend, confidant in this world.

There was a bitter smile on my face… If she was with me now, she would wipe each tear one by one with his thin, graceful finger, but she wasn’t in the world. I didn’t have a sister wipe my tears.

Maybe she got tiff because I cried so much. Maybe she could make fun of my blushing nose… if she was here.

If only you didn’t leave me my only friend, what am I going to do now?

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