I guess we all started to hear about the word ‘metaverse’ around us. Everyone is talking about it and makes us curious about the meaning of it. Then what is actually metaverse? What does it means?

First of all the word metaverse comes up from ‘meta’ and ‘universe’ words. And when we connect both of them it means ‘beyond the universe’.Which is meaningful . Metaverse is made up from technology and real life but in an online version of it .You have to wear an oculus (which is a kind of headband glasses)to make it happen.

Think of going where ever you want to go in when ever time you want to. Like Canada or Russia .You can go there in seconds . Or creating your own world such as Minecraft . Minecraft, marvel, Fortnite ext. are all kinds of the metaverse. We all know that Fortnite as a game right? Well, it’s a game but now it started to develop itself and made concerts in the game with peoples avatars. In metaverse it will be like this as well ,people will have their own avatars. Like in this picture:She looks like her doesn’t she? Not only her but most of the people will use oculus and make themselves their avatars. Because people believe in that it would have a lot more advantages then normal life. Like you can buy or design yourself a car in metaverse for free and it doesn’t includes any disadvantages . But in real life you have to give a lot of money and the car also  gives out carbon dioxide .So it’s a good thing to not hurt environment. We are not only talking about this advantage. You will be able to discover a part of yourself. Will be able to see diffrent places,meeting with new people and helping to environment. Although some people believes in these advantages some people also thinks of it includes danger to us. For example: let’s say that you have met an person (avatar) and you started to get in with him /her . But do you know who you are talking to ? Maybe the account was hacked ,or pretends to be another person , or even tries to get some personal information about you. You can never know that .But let’s say you only include your friends and you are absolute sure to use it. But have you ever thought of the real world that you are living in right now.The real world includes feelings ,family and sociability. Maybe you like to use it, play it but you can be disappointed when you take off your oculus .Cause you realize you don’t have any of those items… In my opinion although it has some advantages it’s important to not forget about the real world , real dreams and goals. But nothing of this could have happened too. Maybe if there were enough money for everyone they could have designed their dreams not only online even in real life. Or if people were educated enough they would put filter where the carbon dioxide came out from the car , planted some trees ext. This was the end of metaverse. What are your opinions about metaverse?

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