Another Way To Write The Time

I would like to go anywhere to be alone and to dream with my eye open admiring the blue sky and the clouds. Its extraordinary diversity with exotic culture, breathtaking wildlife, lush green landscape, the dry savannas where animals roam freely.

I am dreaming about it, buutt…. Lets continue

There, I can stand looking at the magestic mountains and if you come there with me at the right time we can notice looming that creates red sunset.

I am following the path that envelop me with a sort of semi-darkness. My attantion will be held by aboundent flora and fauna, dense reed beds, clear waterways, a largest concantration of wildlife, many kinds of fish and myriad birds.

I am getting down…

I can be fascinated by crystal-clear lakes, so I am taking my camera with me.  I am imagining that, around me there are sounds of insects, birds and animals that are singing through my increadable experience. I suddenly decide to continue this trip. I am going through a rollercoster of emotions.  Enjoying a travel with the best ‘Nature Sounds’ playlist.  It includes; elephant trumpeting. Hippo grunting, hyera giggles and lion roaring that can be heard up to six kilometres away. It is scary though…

Just stop for a second and imagine this gorgeous atmosphere with me and take a deep breathe. Close your eyes and feel a uniqe smell that form a nice harmony.  Now you can open your eyes. You are seeing nothing, right?

On the right side of the path I can observe a large area of wild flowers and bushes, where, I can smell the most wonderful perfume I have ever had to inhale. Are you feeling dizzy, because of the sweet, bitter, fruity and fresh smell’s mix.

I am opening my eye… 

I am in my dark room again which I am waking up every morning. I cannıot stop myself dreaming about this kind of a world.

I think that my mind is playing tricks on me.

After opening my eyes, afternoon had turned cloudy and dark. I could feel that rain is coming. It was Sunday and there were nothing to watch on Tv so I pick my colourful notebook to write my thoughts about my ‘Dream World’.  I am sure that I will open this notebook again and read my sentences that I wrote ten years ago.

When that time finds me, I will be living in this world and I will be playing tricks on my brain. So keep going dreaming and living a life you are deserving. Don’t forgat that, dreaming is the best way of explaining the time. 


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