Archaeological Region or Dam?

The question has two options. The first option is saving an important archaeological region and working on it to find some clues about our past, the second option is a dam which will satisfy the energy need of the people but it will flood the region which is in the first option.

First of all, I am going to talk about each of the options and compare them. The first option is very important because it’s historical and archaeological. We can find invaluable values in our history. In my opinion, it will be a better way to save the region. The region can change our lives. It can correct misunderstandings about our history. For example, the idea that people living in the past of the country lived a settled life, and researches may reveal evidence of nomadic life. So the first choice is for knowledge about history. It is time to talk about the second choice. The second choice is for a dam which is needed for satisfying energy for people. It is a good way to earn energy and people are using energy for everything. For example for cooking, washing, electrical devices, production, heating, or cooling our homes and we are using themes for four economic sectors: residential, commercial, transportation, and industrial. It is very important but is it more important than the archaeological and historical region.

So if I were the person which is choosing one of the options I would definitely choose the region because it is not for only this country it’s for the world. We can do an archaeological dig on it to find some clues about the past of humans. After the digs are finished we can make the region a popular location. Why it is not a dam? Because we can do something else that can provide energy but we can’t find another one of that region.

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