Pop Art Beautiful Woman Stealing Food in Supermarket. Shoplifting Kleptomania Concept. Vector illustration

Are All Criminals Bad?

Criminals are a huge threat to our society nowadays. A lot of people have been killed and robbed because of criminals. So it isn’t shocking that all types of criminals are hated by the majority of people but some people are defending the idea ‘Not all criminals are bad people’. This has been a hot topic for years. Some people defend that in specific occasions the criminal is innocent while other people say that it is unacceptable to commit a crime under any circumstances.

The most talked about scenerio while discussing this topic is a poor mother stealing to feed her baby. Just imagine you have a newborn baby but you cant even afford food for yourself. The baby is going to sleep hungry every night. You work really hard ro gain some money but the money you get isn’t enough. One day you see that your baby is starving and really sick. You have to feed it or it will die from starvation. You ask some people for help but they think you are a scammer who is just hungry for money. The only option you have is stealing food for your baby. There are two sides to this story: The mom and the store.

The mom is basically trying to survive while keeping her baby alive while the store is economically doing well and the loss of money from a product wouldn’t be a huge problem. It may even go unnoticed. So in this scenario the mom can be considered innocent because she was in a serious necessity for food. This doesn’t mean stealing stuff from stores doesn’t do damage. So stealing should be the worst case scenario.

In conclusion, commiting a crime, while in serious need and having no option other that commiting the crime, can be acceptable because the person who commited the crime was trying to survive under harsh conditions.

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