Are Holograms Improving Our Life?

To be direct, we cannot give a definite answer right now, and probably we won’t be able to in the next decade.

The current problem with holograms is the hard truth that they are eighter expensive or a hassle to use on a daily basis. With our current place in the realm of technology, we can create holograms in three different ways, at least 3 different ways I know of. The first way to create a hologram is actually the most common and the most realistic one, all you need is a machine that creates mist using water and a projector pointed at the mist. This method creates a hologram that is both permeable and bright. The second way to create a hologram is to use the crystal method, basically, you take a plastic square pyramid and turn it upside down, then you cut the top of the pyramid so you have a small square inside a big square connected at the corners, you can then use this to create a hologram that is not permeable and dull but the effect, if observed in the dark, is great. Also to use this method you need to have custom media, you can search on youtube “hologram video” to see what I mean. The last and third way to create holograms is to use a rotating stick with LEDs mounted on the stick, this works due to the constant and fast rotation of the stick combined with the bright light of the LEDs. Our brain cannot decipher the data that is coming from eyes quickly thus creating a feeling that the dull coloured stick is invincible but the bright light makes it hard to ignore, using custom software you can create a hologram that is bright but not permeable as the stick has to rotate.

From that long bit of text, we can say that holograms will improve our lives in terms of advertising and design, although not for certain I can see wide usage of holograms in events such as the Olympics. Keep in mind that in order to certainly say that they are beneficial to mankind we still need to use them for at least 10 years, after this period we can decide if they are good enough to keep or just a waste of money and time. One thing to say for certain is that holograms are a great way to see how fast technology is developing.

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