Are Nuclear Weapons Option For Peace?

Peace, this concept, which is the subject of books and movies, has never really succeeded in existence. This is because we focus on the outcome, peace. However, as we encounter in daily life, if we cannot find the cause of the problem, we cannot solve the problem. So the cause of peace is war!

In fact, it is a common point for creatures with the will to fight. All living things have a primitive urge, fight or flight. It is an impulse that influences many of our decisions in our daily lives. So much so that if our ancestors, who lived thousands of years ago, were saved from dying while hunting thanks to this impulse, today we are able to make sudden and highly accurate decisions in a vital situation thanks to this impulse. Here, too, we see that war occupies a great place in the lives of all living things. But while fighting saves our lives, it should not take lives in return.

As Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said: “War must be necessary and vital. War is murder unless the life of the nation is in danger.” This phrase actually reveals the red line between murder and war. As it can be understood from here, the reason for peace is a murder. In other words, if there is no murder, there will be no need for peace.

The main reason for the wars in the world is the conflict of interest of the countries. So much so that this world paid the consequences of the absurd causes of the last Two World Wars with the deaths of millions of people. As for peace, unfortunately for the last five centuries, its definition has not gone beyond the break between two wars. For this reason, at any time in the world you are reading this article, people are dying due to wars arising from certain conflicts of interest. While we, as humanity, have more to realize how pathetic it is for us to show such violence against our own kind, nuclear weapon countries are constantly looking for a way to use this power.

Almost half a century after our confrontation with the destructive effects of nuclear weapons, if the efforts of countries that do not learn from this and want to ensure peace with these weapons succeed, the last nail will be hammered in the coffin of the world. Due to the conflict between the two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, during the Cold War, humanity has been in death for a long time. Ignoring all these experiences and bringing the use of nuclear weapons to the agenda with the idea of ​​ensuring peace, as if nothing had happened, would go beyond absurdity. It is quite simple to see how illogical it is that the future of humanity can again be ensured by a weapon designed to literally destroy humans. Therefore, the prohibition of nuclear weapons has become an issue of great urgency for our future.

Every person has a role to play in ensuring world peace. No matter how big the problem may seem, it should not be forgotten that the solutions to big problems are realized with small and correct steps. If we put this principle in our lives, we can put this big problem in a library covered with the dust of history, since there will be no possibility of states not being affected by their people. All we have to do is have some hope and do our part. In this way, we can leave a better world for future generations.

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