Are Nuclear Weapons Maintaining The World Peace?

Firstly, all the countries need a military army and some military budget to maintain the security of their country and their people. Since World War 2 all of the countries allocating budgets to the military because of the new threats. So it is a very important thing for the countries to continue their military presence for their national safety and also for their people’s security. If they don’t do this there will be a big problem and it can go as far as the disintegration of the country. But some countries especially the ones which are in the Middle East, are making some chemical threatened guns and atomic bombs to maintain their security and use against each other.

Also, it is making dangerous situations like refugees going to another country. Though national and regional conflicts and international terrorism remain rife, since 1945 the world has not been subjected to truly pan-regional or trans-continental war.  deterrence theory claims that the destructive capability of nuclear weapons triggers fear, which in turn makes leaders cautious. classic works have also shown that threats intended to deter may have adverse effects, as can any other public policy. Though nuclear weapons were a fundamental part of why it occurred, they also played a major role in bringing it to a peaceful conclusion. The thought of global nuclear war caused both leaders to pull back from the brink and achieve a negotiated solution. They made a step back because they know that if they enter the war they will use nuclear bombs on each other and after that, there will be a civilian massacre, also there will be an economic collapse so they don’t want such a thing like that to maintain their people security and good economy. The best means of ensuring peace has been for both sides of a conflict to have a nuclear capability. So let’s give an example when the two countries or two conflict countries have nuclear capability they will fear each other and they can not attack each other.

So a nuclear weapon is making a big fear to the countries because when the country throws a nuclear bomb to a country all of the things will destroy in a second and in this area there will be no life. It happens near-century. The USA throw a bomb at Japan after that Japan withdrew from the war and their economy and their military has been collapsed. Lastly, I am agreeing with this situation because all of the countries need a nuclear weapon or nuclear capability to maintain their national security and their nation.

Nuclear Weapons Enable Peace


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