Are Regulations Necessary?

Since the life of humanity started, as the groups developed to make people live peacefully, they needed to have some regulations. They have thought a lot about making regulations better. Because these regulations should be superbly arranged for people to leave in peace. In past times regulations were simple such as Hammurabi’s “Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth” law. This law simple created the law, which works way too easy. If you do something bad, then something bad would be done to you. For centuries, this law is used, also when people need to make new regulations, they did their new regulations based on this law. In this article, I am going to talk about if it is possible for people to live without the existence of any regulations.


HOME - SAT-LAWAccording to an opinion, it is possible for humans to live without regulations or any other limiting rules. Because what they think is that people are responsible and don’t need any regulations. If there are no rules that people need to obey, then people live freely. For them, after a period, people won’t need any rules. Because they will get used to living without rules and respect others. They will not murder each other for no reason, even if there are not any regulations that block them.


Ulpianus / Büyük Hukukçular / Hukuk Tarihi / Hukuk AnsiklopedisiAnother group of people think that people cannot live with no regulations. Because, according to their opinion, people cannot live in peace if there are no regulations. Just like Ulpianus said, “Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot to every man his due.” If there are no rules, then there will not be justice. Also, what people think is the opposite of the other people, which is people cannot get used to living with no states. There is nothing that blocks them to murder someone. Due to the fact that -for them- people cannot live with no rules.


If we come to my idea about the regulations, what I think is that there would not be a proper existence, if there won’t be any rules that limit people. Think of a World, where people murder others just because they want it to, or think of people stealing stuff from the seller because nothing limits them. It is necessary for people to have regulations to obey and to live in peace. To sum up, people could not live without the existence of any rules that limit them.


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