Are The Risks Worth It?

Science is a major part of our lives. We see it everywhere, not as laboratories or scientists running around doing experiments and causing explosions, but we see it as the products and devices we use. Even the smallest things, such as a huge part of the food selection we see at supermarket stocks are there because there is science. Evidently, it is obvious that science has a place in every part of our lives.

Though science is already major, it keeps developing and renewing itself so it keeps getting much bigger and a lot more important. The constant renewing happens when new theories and thoughts are created. Although theory might sound like it has the same meaning as thought it actually is very different for scientists. Thoughts must be proven in order to be called theories and to prove a thought, some specific experiments must be indicated.

Some of those experiments can be seen as negative or positive by the public because some of them might have no risks when indicating it whereas some might actually create a lot of dangerous situations when indicating the experiment. Even though there are known dangers to some experiments, a lot of scientists try to keep going and do the things they need to do in order to come out with a beneficial thing as a result but should they be going on just for the result and ignore the dangers that might occur during the experiments?

Some people might say that it is not worth the risks before reaching the end and some other people might say that the result is more important so the risks should be considered as small prices to reach and that the end goal which might actually be really beneficial can be a life-changer for the human race.

Even the situation that we are currently in proves this. The world is fighting with Covid-19 and there are a lot of vaccination experiments going on. Most people are confused and conflicted on whether to get vaccinated or not. Getting vaccinated is actually a kind of an experiment that we would indicate ourselves because the results are not certain yet. We do not know for sure that the vaccination will be good or beneficial for us. What my point is

that there are again two sides. One thinking that the result might be positive and worth the risks, and another side thinks that the risks are too dangerous to take especially when the result stays unknown.

I personally think that both of these points have their rights and wrongs. Obviously, some experiments can be really dangerous just as science can be, everything must be thought thoroughly because only one wrong equation or only one mistake can mess up the whole thing but it does not mean that any kind of risk should not be considered. We would not have a lot of beneficial things if people thought this way before. Any experiment can take place with the correct precautions, correct calculations needed, and with the risks minimized as possible. It is a high chance that the results will be worth it.



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