Are Visas Just an Obstacle Against Tourism?

If you have ever gone abroad, you should know that to go to most foreign countries, you must have a visa. These visas help governments determine how many people are within their borders and what the person’s reason is to come to their country. These visas are used between a lot of countries and they are a part traveling abroad.

  A visa is an official document that allows the person to enter other countries legally. Visas are connected to passports and they usually provide temporary access to the visitor. There are lots of visa types for many situations. One of the most important visas for us as students are student visas. Student visas allow the student to get their education in the host country. One of the more used visas is a travel visa. Travel visas allow the person to go to a country for touristic purposes. These visas have a predetermined amount of time to show how much time you can spend in the host country. There are also work and business visas which allow the worker or businessman to go and stay in that country for some time depending on their work schedule or how long the business will take.

 Visas may seem like a thing just to make traveling to other countries harder, but having visa restrictions helps the host countries in certain ways. Needing the approval of both governments to be able to step foot in a new country increases the security and reduces the possibility of illegal substances or acts to be taken into the host country. It also assists governments to find the accurate population of a region and helps to find the amount of immigration. Countries can act upon these pieces of information and introduce restrictions or provide better living standards to immigrants.

Although they have lots of positive sides, the negative sides of having visa restrictions can’t be ignored. Needing new visas every time you want to travel outside your country may cause some financial issues in some countries for the individual. It can also cause some touristic countries to lose some money as the requirement to have a visa may discourage people from traveling. Also, the time for the approval of the visa may take longer than when you have to be in the host country, so some events or plans may be affected. 

I do think the visa restrictions should be kept as they reduce the risk of illegal acts and infections. They also help the government in lots of ways. Despite these pros, I think the price of visas (in the countries where visas aren’t free) should be removed and the waiting time of the approval for visas should be decreased, by employing more people for this duty. This would increase tourism and wouldn’t affect the precautions of countries.

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