Are We Being Aware About What Are We Doing?

We are in a fight with nature for too long. Actually, we are fighting with nature since the first human come to earth. People always find a way for harming nature. And everyone knows that if we go too far, we lose everything. We can’t live without natural resources.

About this behavior, there is a known statement called” We are at a war with nature, if we win we lose.”And this wants to tell us that we are in huge danger. People always harming the environment they live. Conscious or unconscious does not matter. The simplest examples are throwing the trash to other places instead of trash cans, using energies that are not good for the air, and using materials that cannot go from nature for a long time. People should change their attitudes because everyone knows the consequences of their behaviors. And still doing nothing. The statement is saying that we are hurting nature and nature hurt us back because of the cruel things that we do to a living thing. And if we defeat nature we will not be able to live without any disasters.

The balance will change. Because everything is in order on this earth. All the water,  all the land, all the air, people, animals, and plants. If we do something effective we will affect everything including ourselves. And logically we are harming ourselves while we are hurting nature.

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