First of all, we should know what is global warming? Global warming is thought to be caused by increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is thought that some gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane cause the earth to overheat by preventing the reflection of the radiation from the Sun to outer space on the one hand and absorbing the heat from this radiation on the other hand.

    So, what are the consequences of global warming? It is the development of industry with population growth and the associated increase in other human activities such as energy consumption, land use, international trade and transportation. Melting of glaciers, increase in precipitation in the form of torrential rain, increase in sea level, increase in storm and flood damage, melting of tundra, increase in evaporation amount and drought. This means that especially for polar bears, the melting of the glaciers on which they live is very difficult, and they end their lives. We must hurry or we will miss these days.

     How can we stop this situation? We can prevent global warming by using energy-friendly light bulbs, leaving the televisions on standby, using the right lighting, using fans instead of air conditioners, and placing things in such a way that they do not turn off the radiators.

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