Are You Feeling Well?

Loneliness is the feeling of nothing also everything, pain and tranquillity. Hard to describe as visualizing because loneliness only can be experienced by feeling it. Teemed with everything as itself but just can be felt inside. As insight nothing to see for, just a mystery. Sounds like torture to yourself that can’t be controlled and believe it or not, we as humans want to socialize with one another. What makes us happy and entertained. Why would something detain that from us?

Some people concede from things without even realizing, let the things happen unavoidably is hundred percent the worst feeling ever. Then on some life-changing cracks, you suddenly find yourself in an unchangeable way through, which is not changing instead of losing. Try to the end until you feel fine. But nothing changes, trying to find a way out sometimes doesn’t work, but at the same time, you can’t surrender as you know nothing else is left to do for you.

Loneliness is related to all I have mentioned here because most time loneliness becomes the result of it, the consequence of the shout you hold inside of. Then at some point, you would want to close down everything to make the pain go away with closing yourself from any interaction you can come across. Spending a lot of time on your own can cause anxiety later on which also complicate socializing whenever you want to. Loneliness is something all people have experienced but non of them empathized with. That’s why lonely people have always been bullied or trampled among society because other people will always need to assert their dominancy, by assuming themself better than someone else. And that easy prey is always loneliness, what a shame to honour of it, and to people who humiliated to, they would never understand the pain until loneliness find them. It is always a problem when it becomes yours.

Spending time alone is actually good for a certain time, being alone to yourself so that you can talk and be aware of what you actually want and learning what is your thoughts should be done by anybody else. Some lonely hours can be healthy as I also call them lucky hours instead of loneliness because being lonely is much more to understand of feeling. Loneliness exceeds all of that.

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