Are You My Mom ?

We all were having fun at the concert with my family.I was seven years old and had a eight year old brother.We only had our mom with us because our dad had left before I was even born.It was a classical music concert.My brother tells me that I felt happy whenever I was listening to classical music.I was sitting and my brother was  constantly holding my mom back telling her to stop.I was confused and worried she looked in our eyes and left.I started to cry and run after her but the concert hall was so crowded we couldnt reach her.The last image I remember about her is her sorry eyes looking towards us.Twenty years had past.My brother has a psychological problem resulting him to never leave the house.He always has the hope in him that mom would return.I knew that It was not going to happen.I left the house I was driving to meet my friends turned the radio on the first song that popped up was our favourite song we used to listen with our mom.I felt a deep pain in my heart.When I arrived at the bar I greeted my friends and looked behind to order.A woman walked in who was identical to my mom.I had a split second to hold eye contact.I shouted:’’Excuse me !’’She looked I was about to walk towards her but my friends called me back.As we sat down to eat I felt wierd and wanted to talk to her I stood up but she already had disseapeared.I asked the bar tender If he knew her He told me that he knew her friend that was living nearby he gave me the adress and I left the bar.When I arrived I knocked on the door and a woman showed up we chatted for an hour or so.I asked her about the woman ı saw at the bar she asked me if the person could be Hannah.That was right.That was my mom’s name she wrote down the adress to a piece of paper.I left the house.I was nervous and angry.After all these years where has she been at ? I had so many questions I was ready to confront her.When I pulled up to the location I reached to my pocket and got the paper.I double cheked the adress and knocked the door the woman,my mom answerd.Mom is it you ?Dave you can not be here a deep voice asked Hannah who is it ? It was a man mom got married after she left there were two kids playing with each other I couldn’t hold back my tears.I gave my mom a deep what did you do ? Look and left I wanted to live no longer at that moment I broke down.I drove to an old bridge near the sea.I sat down and and just watched the sea,listened to the waves.After all these years and unanswered questions.I was just quite and miserable.

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