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Art and Science

Art and science have a significant impact on development and freedom of a society.Art influences society by changing minds and instilling values.Science is like a bulb which brightens evolution of the world.Also, science is what helps us to find cure,treatment and other things which are vital.

Science and art develop living standarts .Art is a different kind of communication.In my opinion, a society which is interested in art has different perspective for life.Both science and art have useful spin-offs. Applied science is technology. Applied art is decoration. Technology and decoration are applications of science and art for practical purposes. Technology and decoration make life easier. But they don’t change how we fundamentally perceive what is around us. Science and art do.(1)

Unfortunately, nowadays people are becoming robot which can destroy creativity of a society.Art and science have an understanding which is not similar to any relationship.The relationship between art and science is what makes a society successful.Moreover, they describe the world around us.Science gives us certain things to talk and investigate about.Art gives us history about evolution of itself and human beings.A society can die if it is lack of art and science.They are like the head and the heart of a human.

Art and science encounter each other when they seek exactitude.( Étienne-Jules Marey) Art has a double face, of expression and illusion, just like science has a double face: the reality of error and the phantom of truth.( René Daumal)   
We see combination of art and science.For instance, engineering and design needed to create elegant and functional constructions.Medical discoveries which are inspired by creative thinking show quality of the country.
Technological devices are produced with the mixture of art and science.Also, games that we play online are the combination of art and science, too.Even the foods which we eat have sign of art and science.
As a result, art and science play an important role for the future of the world. Art and science determine the quality of a community.These two will make the world a better place with fascinating improvements.Their impact on earth is more than we think.
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