Art and Society

There are many important things that must get done in order to create a well developed country. Becoming a developed country is never an easy proccess nor it happens fast. The people who are mainly at the head of this country, which is trying to become more developed than they are right now, have to have a more than satisfacting, a superior knowledge about good leadership, good social skills and an unscratchable charisma. Without a good leader, could be a socially higher leveled group too, even imagining to have an advanced country is out of the question. Therefore; after there is no problem with the leadership, there also should not be any problems with the way the system is ran.

There should be harmony and compatibility, team work and togetherness. Things should never feel like they are falling apart. If they are are than this showes us that the head or heads have gone down, they no longer have to be at the place that they are since they cannot properly do what they are mainly supposed to do in the first place. But let’s imagine that the system and the leaders are working just perfect, there are still things that should be paid attencion to. Starting from art.

Art comes, in many ways, as one of the most important things a society should and could have, if you ask me. Art playes a massive role in the way people think about everything. Because art shapes the way our brains work, the way we start to think changes and evolves into something way more different than before as the kinds (books, theatres, films, art gallaries, sculptures…) of media/art we get exposed to increases. Hence, since the way the people in a society think gets more advanced, it means that the people get a better understanding of the way almost everything works or at least they start to develope their own thoughts about things and this makes a more educated group.

The way people are educated is directly related with how people think and form ideas. Art should be indoctrinated into minds starting from when people are just little kids. I believe art should always play a big role in our lives. The way it makes us feel something shows us that it is important and healthy. Having options for small kids at schools and letting them choose which forms of art they would like and then helping them through the proccess of getting better and even mastering a form of art it the most beautiful thing a system can have.

People should be encouraged to have art around them at all times; seeing, hearing or even touching art and having ceratin feeling are necessary. The government should, at all times, be by this thought  and schools should be growing kids into decent human beings by having them to be exposed to art around them at all times.

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