Art for Humanity

Were I given a chance to reschedule the curriculum, I would do my best to catch our pupils’ attention to art. I want to remind you something, art is not a lesson which can be taught at school. It is a lifestyle. It cannot be taught by a teacher or totally understood. You must feel it. You should have enough courage and enthusiasm to release your hidden light under your bushel.

Art is not a subject. However, I believe that we must place a particular importance art. Don’t you think that we are behind other countries? According to me, there is not a huge difference between Turkey and the other countries in science. Probably, there will be people disapproving this idea. I do not strongly support what I am saying and I am not totally disagreeing either. There are people who can be given as an example to prove that we are coming along in science as a country. Aziz Sancar is a scientist who is known by everybody in the world. He won The Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

We must plant in the love of art to the children. To make this happen, I believe that students must be taught art history and lessons related to the art where they will paint, sculpture. The lessons should be based on our thoughts, our feelings and where there is nothing true or wrong. Tell me, who decides the correct in art? Do you think art critics do? They might do but they cannot totally understand your soul. The soul is something special like our fingerprints. Everyone has their own soul. Critics can only criticize the technique.

Art cannot be taught as I mentioned before nevertheless, the techniques can be taught and learned. In my opinion, art can be taught only in this way in schools. Were I the minister of education, art would have the same importance as the literature or any other lesson taught.

You might think that I am obsessed with art. Well, I might be. Do you know why I care about art this much? The reason is that art helps me to understand people’s souls. At least, I consider that it is beneficial for my soul, myself. Art is a way to express our feelings and it brings people together in a belief that they share the same feelings. Despite the physical differences between people, they can feel the same inside.

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