Art for Life

Art was in every step of the time. It was there before Jesus, before the world wars, before they invented phones… It was always there. In my opinion, art can not be defined as such things cause it is inside everyone and everything. It changes for everyone, it can be in any shape in any condition, at any time; it does not matter. You can not force art to get into a box, it does not have the ability to be the same for every person in this world.

Look at every page on the history, there was art. It was the reason for loves, wars, breakups, eras… You know, maybe we are for art. Everyone has it inside. You may not realize but believe me, it is there.

Art is so valuable. You can create something with art, can you imagine how fascinating it is? But unfortunately, art has not had enough value in our country.

As with most of the things, art should also be taught in schools. Schools are the basic educational time period for people. Most of people do not get the importance of it. Can you imagine someone who is not breathing, you obviously can not. Even they can not do it themselves, they get help from machines or something. We can not live without breathing. For me, art is our incorporeal breath. We can not also live without it. Look around. All you will see is art, literally everything. Although it is inside us, it should get noticed and shaped for using it, loving it.

5 Inspiring Tips for Creating Meaningful Art | Fine Art ShippersSchools have a significant role in this. We start school when we can not even speak properly, without any vocabulary, any shaped or proper thoughts, without knowing mostly nothing. They teach the basics that we will need in our lives. They teach us the religion of our country’s even it can change for everyone. So why not art? And that is the question for millions.

Schools could make something catchy for children. It could be interesting, it should get attention in order to make kids love art.

There may be some activities good enough to make them love and do art. I am not talking about today’s art lessons. They are generally considered as “empty lessons”. Kids mostly think art lessons are nothing so they can talk with each other or something. They are not enough. Art is not just painting there with that type of paint. It has to be a lesson. They may teach the history of art, famous or not famous people in art, techniques of paintings, historical events happened due to art or art after some events, the impact of art…

I hope someday art would be considered as something. Not just coloring books.

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