Art For Our Development

Art makes us more happy, makes us more relax, comfy. Art is really important for our world. I thing that countries should give more attention to artistic  activities in their nation. In my country  (turkey) i don’t thing that they care about artistic activities.

In Turkey they are so many students that attachment about art, but unfortunately the people of our country want to make art their main profession, they can only do it as a hobby due to the conditions of Turkey. Actually Turkey has many art high schools too but when they graduated from their high schools that is so hard to find prestigious university.  So art schools are not first choice for turkish  students. This situation is really poignant for us. ‘Art is the work of people who can think proparly , see the truth, and understand society.’ said famous litterateur Lev Tolstoy. Taking that Word and this situation, Turkish Republic should help their teenagers to use art not only as a hobby, also to make it life style. It whould be really beneficial for Turkish Republic to develop themselves.

Lets talk about arts benefits for our mental health. Nowadays Turkish teenagers are really stressfull about their economical, future anxiety, education etc. Lets start with famous artist Vincent Van Gogh’s words that describes this topic The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.”. Use your hands, your mind, give all yourself to your work, you will realize that you feel good about it, this is enough to gain the mental health benefits to art. Some scientists said that even observing, examining works of art is beneficial for our mental statiblity , helps to come healthy decisions so it effects our daily life so much.

Turkey should give more attention to artistic activities for their welfare level, their quality and for their development. That’s why they have to raise awareness for people to visit artistic organizations, artistic museums, art gallerys etc. We see that art has many benefits, how about we direct ourselves to art for the sake of improving ourselves and our health? It seems like a good idea!







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