Art For Society

In our country art can not be considered to be a second level of importance since the ignorance of art is extremely high. In our country art is matched with high income, luxury expenditure, or representation of a particular ideology. However, art can be considered as if breathing of the human soul. Expressing yourself with whole purity and making your dreams free are tightly connected with the art. As a result of ignorance of such a crucial activity, we live a three which does not have roots.

After briefly manifesting the problem, I would like to contemplate contributing to our young generation concerning art. From my point of view, the first step to achieving the goal is to have educators who strongly argue that art is indispensable for well being of society. The reason is a small primary school in a village can be transformed into a painting studio, charming a school chors or a theater. However, achieving this revolution significantly relies on educators putting more emphasis on art than standardized tests.


The primary school teacher of my mother was a living example of that phenomenon. In that era, one teacher was responsible for whole subjects. The majority of teachers at the school were inclined on teaching mathematics or science during the lecture hours which are devoted to arts. On the other hand, her teacher was decided to shape their education to create well-rounded people. She tried to teach paint with different techniques, playing several instruments or even writing playing small theaters in the class. If they were done in Turkey in 1980, why would it be impossible to do similar activities? From primary school to university if impart the significance of arts for the human being , I believe that many things would improve

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