Talented Female Artist Works on Abstract Oil Painting, Using Paint Brush She Creates Modern Masterpiece. Dark and Messy Creative Studio where Large Canvas Stands on Easel Illuminated.

Art İn Our Country

What should be done in non-formal and formal education (out-of-school and school education) for the development of art in our country? Actually, this question has more than one answer. First of all, as we all know, art is a concept that always stays in the background in our country. Especially in our schools, there is almost no place for art. out of every 150 schools built, only 1 is an art school and this means that art has almost no place in our country. While only mathematics is taught for 6 hours a week in schools, the time allocated to art is 2 hours at the most. Considering that we have been going to school since we were six years old, this program can create great negativities in children’s perspective on art. Art is regarded as a hobby in schools in our country, however, art is not just a hobby, it is more. Whenever we say “I want to be an artist, I want to be a musician” to our family, the answer they give us is, of course, “You can do these as a hobby, these professions are not enough to secure your future, they will not make you money”. If someone does not want to bring us somewhere on the path of art and we cannot get support in this regard, how can we develop in art? The answer is very simple, we cannot evolve. We cannot change our perspective on the world with 1 hour of painting lessons per week. When we were little, we all heard from our teachers “mathematics is life, science is indispensable, language is everything”. what about art? what is art? Is it a hobby? No way. Art is our view of the world. Art is a language in which we can express ourselves. letters are actually a means of communication with which we can talk to people without sounds and our body. If we do not give the necessary importance to art, we cannot develop, we cannot acquire an original way of thinking. We cannot even express ourselves. In my opinion, if we want to look at how much a country has developed, it is sufficient to look at the steps taken by that country in art. Every country that values ​​art and takes steps towards art is a developed country. If we can break the perception of “art is a hobby” in our country and start to include art in our lives, we will see our progress together over time. First of all, art should be included more in the curriculum of our schools. If we guide our children who want to reach a place in art, instead of blocking them, we can improve in this regard. I think we can become a much more developed country if we build more art schools and support our youth in this regard.

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