Art in School

   As the years pass by the number of students drawing, choosing an university to master their drawings, paintings or any kind of art are increasing and there are things that should have been already done or that we should take action for the future kids, students and even university students. These actions may vary from home to school even to university. Some of them are easy and some might be hard and take longer to achieve such as changing education systems. So the earlier we do things to attract to art the better before we regret. Because we cannot take our wasted time back and we need to spend it efficiently.  

    Firstly if we start from home we can say there may be some parents not knowing or not taking actions from earlier ages to help kids improve their talents in art. So we should  inform more people about art because someone might take long time to find their art style as it differs so much from one to another. Besides there are strict parents who are against drawing or doing art. If we do not make chield realise that they are good at art it will be too late for them to notice.  

     Secondly in the kindergarden children are drawing, solving puzzles, painting, dancing, playing with clay so I do not think that we can do anythin else rather than to search for school that is best for social activities, art and the subjects or educational attaintment and than choose that school.  When you are in the primary school you still continue your activities eventhough it is less than kindergarden. However it is significantly important to socilize in primary school because our mental health also affacts our talents as a depressed or mentally unstable person will not want to do any activities.  


    Thirdly I believe that we do not attach importance to art in secondary school so it is my belief that we could have three to four lessons everyday after 12 am to either socilize or improve our selves in any way we could such as drawing, dancing, singing or in amy kind of sports.  

      However things becomes more personal in high school as the number of art classes decreases significantly. As a result it is important for us to take responsibility. We should attend to private classes, take part in social activites or projects. And finally when you go to university and choose a profession and choose a university according to that. With that being the case we should have already noticed our profession whether it is art or any other subject. And continue from that profession.  

    To sum it up I believe that we should do anything to see whether we are good at art or not. Also parents should be very careful when choosing school and should not force their kids to do art or any kind of fun activities because it would make them hate that subject. Than after high school we should choose our profession very carefully so that we could improve ourselves in art and even the country.  

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