Art Of Words

Schools are needed to educate people and society. In the recent world, this education is limited in terms of the variety of lessons. Generally, all schools focus on the academic career that the students will follow. Isn’t it essential to improve their brain in bidirectional?

An academic career helps students to learn fact-based informations which will affect the left lobe of the brain. The left lobe focuses on the computational data which can be improved in schools with academic information. While improving one lobe of the brain, isn’t that important to equalize both sides to be bidirectional in life?

Alongside the momentousness of numerological function of the brain, the aesthetic part also plays a substantial role on point of view of students. To make life more apprehensible, everyone in the world has to evaluate life from a different point of view. Why evaluating from different points of view is vital?

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is communicating with people. In the business world or daily life, people face some problems which are related to the quality of communication. Fact-based people generally prefer to study or make research alone. Because their occupation needs caution to minimalize the mistakes that are possible to make. As they get used to making their daily actives alone in their job, they become anti-social people. Society disapproves of anti-social people which causes communication problems. How can communication be related to education?

In schools, they don’t educate students in terms of communication. They show an example of how to communicate but there are no lessons based on that specific topic. Sometimes, the instructors can show a communication example that has a possibility to cause a problem. Especially for students in kindergarten and elementary schools, it is the worst action that instructors can show. Because kids tend to take example actions to their subconscious to use it in the future. If that action is mistaken, that kid will probably have communication problems in the time to come. Therefore, schools should educate students in terms of communication with confidential tutors.

In addition to mistaken actions, having a lack of arts and aesthetics also causes people to be anti-social. People express themselves by using words. Language is the art of words. If one person can make art by using the words in their language, they can state themselves in an apprehensible way. How can the brain use art to make better communication?

The right lobe of the brain is intuitional and artistic. The lessons which are given to students to improve their academic careers have no effect on the right lobe brain. Despite improving the left lobe, if there is no action for exchanging the right lobe, that person won’t be able to see their life from different perspectives. As they don’t have one another point of view to evaluate their life, their environment, and their relationships, they are prone to have problems in terms of social activities.

In a conclusion, schools tend to educate students in one way that will only advance their academic careers. However, life can’t be limited to an academic career. Alongside the academic career, there is a life going on which comprises the academic life also. So that, schools take actions to develop students’ brain bidirectional. The future is in the hands of students. To change the world, start with students.

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