Art Will Save Us

Do you think that in 10 years art will be as popular as it is today? Art is a very important and popular topic around the world. However, in our country, it is not talked about enough and we can take action to change this. There are many ways to deal with this issue. Getting art more involved in schools, or by making people more aware of art might be a way to start fixing this problem.



I think that a country that is inclined towards art is more cultured than countries that don’t really care about art. Art helps people learn new things, understand the history and modern arts, and it also has many fields. I also agree that art should be more involved in peoples lives nowadays. Let’s talk about what we can do to help people gain an understanding of art. First, schools can increase the number of art classes and in those classes, instead of just doing your task without knowing what it is about, teachers can give lessons about the history of art and talk about famous artists throughout history. Also, known artists can come to schools, give speeches or do workshops etc. Another way that could be done to raise awareness is that people that are interested and informed about art can give public seminars and talk about a different topic in every different seminar. Or, more art galleries can be opened all around the country.



There are many more examples we can give to this topic but I just stated a few. By bringing these suggestions to life, I think that more people will be interested and cultured about art all around the world. By teaching today’s generation art, we are raising the artists of the future and that is why it’s such an important topic. Art will save us.


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