Artificial intelligence has lots of advantages and disadvantages. Judging in general terms can mislead us. It must be criticized separately within branches. The subject we should tackle here, changes according to aim and people who manage that artificiality.

Generally, society talks about the possibility of decreasing the rate of unemployment. But in that situation, companies will start to find people who know how to use and control that smart machines. When considered from this aspect of view, unemployment is not the issue that you must worry about moreover the amount of work that they have been responsible will be less. But the effect of the laziness which can be observable on people is the problem. Actually being lazy is an illness that we all have since the technological devices take place in our lives.

As The Atlantic magazine, published in America, says we are even incapable of thinking because of google. In spite of making extensive research, we find the information only we need and just read the answers which are cropped from the useful articles. Whereas, more reading can carry us the more! Topping it all of we forget what we learnt on the next day since there is no labour or occupation. Imagine the risk of sluggishness after inorganic intelligence.

Moreover, it will start to control our lives. We cannot say a certain thing about how it will going to happen but every artificiality has this inward effect on us. For example, having an Instagram account brings you some rules that make you feel they have to be followed. Like sharing a post in the beauty standards of society. Living that life. Having that hair, body, clothes… We even don’t know how to describe the reason for things that we call beautiful because it’s not our thoughts and ideas. They are just imposed truths.

Also, people who support, a machine that they gave the power cannot manage their life are not able to see the huge addiction on the technology. The problem starts where you can’t block yourself. It sounds like a man who says he can easily give up smoking while holding a cigarette on his hand. Telling what you can do has no gravity until you made it.

But in spite of all those factors, there will be helpful sides either. In the end, education, health etc. needs development and you can provide this development by that kind of technology. The key point that you have to be careful is its limits.

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