As a Woman; I Don’t Have a Country

      Virginia was born in London in 1882. Unfortunately, when she was born, women were left in the background. For this reason, Virginia could not get an education but nevertheless improved herself with the help of her father. But not everyone was as lucky as Virginia. Some women and girls were not even allowed to develop themselves. Virginia finally got the job she wanted so much. The writing was also his father’s profession. Virginia always spoke of the injustice of her time in her books.

        “As a woman, I don’t have a country.” In this statement, Virginia has very clearly summarized the thoughts and situation of women in her time. Under normal circumstances, everyone should have equal rights before the constitution. But in this period, the country did not provide this opportunity to women. The women seemed to live in a country where they did not belong, under forced and stormy conditions. A person cannot feel at home even if he is at home under these conditions. This is precisely what Virginia supposedly means. Despite all the pressure, Virginia never kept quiet. Women were first given the right to vote in 1984, thanks to courageous and silent women like her. In the following periods, women now gained the rights they wanted. With the “Representation of the People” law in 1928, women and men became utterly equal. Women had to live under difficult circumstances for many years. This is one of the most significant signs of ignorance. Unfortunately, patriarchal societies were quite common at that time. Such communities, which influenced the whole world, gradually brought ignorance, and ignorance brought wars. World War I broke out between the times that Virginia lived. There have been many deaths all over the world. After these events, societies began to become more modern. The patriarchal system started not to be preferred. And if you look at the statistics, the countries governed in the patriarchal system are at the bottom of the developed countries ranking.

         In other words, in a country and world where the rights of women and men are equal, war and ignorance will decrease. Rights always have an important place for people. And also, one should not be excluded and socially discriminated against because of situations that one cannot choose. In such cases, it is imperative to ensure equality.

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