As Cheap As Water

      As cheap as water. You know that we an idiom like this but what if we can say that as cheap as petrol.

      Imagine that your country has lot of petrol like water we have. Everybody knows that gulf countries in the middle east that have a lot of petrol and their petrol is as cheap as water.If we have petrol like this in my opinion bad things will be always going to our back. And capitalism will be extremely and the big guys of europe and the world will be always on our top and maybe our country will be in a big danger. Like we can realis what happened to Syria and Libia. The got an civil war because of the USA if we have petrol like gulf countries we are going to be in a trouble.
But it not just be bad for us and our country. It will be good in a another way. When petrol is cheaper than most of things will becomw cheaper. Because in our day everything import with cars and the cars are using petrols so if the petrol become more cheaper the prize of the things are become more cheaper and our purchasing power will be better. In another way self transportation like taxi’s and Uber’s are going to be more cheaper. By petrol our country’s economy will be better from now.

       So in adition If our country has petrol it will have bad affects and good affects like it’s economy going to be better but the country’s diplomacy may will not be that clear enough.

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