The topic I chose is about the atomic bomb, what would it be like if a lesser ranged atomic bomb were made? In my opinion, if a lesser ranged atomic bomb started a new world war, because every country would want to buy it, the competition would start, it would be divided into 3-4 teams, all countries would be crushed in this war because of the economic problem, turkey would be crushed, countries like Russia would win. This is ridiculous, it happened in a very ridiculous time when the children in Africa could not find water yet. With the most problematic, even if they reduce this range more or less, it affects most regions. The world may end up with excessive radiation spread. It created a temperature of 3 thousand degrees Celsius and leveled everything in an area of ​​1.5 kilometers in diameter. The bomb, which destroyed 70 percent of Hiroshima, caused the death of 140,000 people until the end of 1945. In short, it wouldn’t be nice.


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