Am 30. Oktober 1961 testete die Sowjetregierung auf der Insel Nowaja Semlja mit der Wasserstoffbombe RDS-220, der sogenannten Zar-Bombe, die stŠrkste jemals gezŸndete ihrer Art und verursachten die grš§te von Menschen erzeugte Explosion.Das Bild stammt aus einem dokumentarischen Animationsvideo Ÿber die "Zar"-Bombe.


Some countries think that small atomic bombs with a narrow range of effects should be developed in order to maintain world peace. In my opinion this changes according to the situation that takes place. If we are going to build we should build small atomic bombs, but if we don’t need to(If there is no force)we shouldn’t even do it. Think about it. Why would someone harm people just to get more place for the country? So this will not save our World’s life. At least it will not harm that many people but it will still harm some people. Until here I talked as someone who didn’t get any harm from any bombards. Now let’s think as someone who got harmed because of this. Think that you have children, they are staying in an hospital due to a sickness. How would you feel as a mother? I would definitely cry. After all of the problems you have, you get bombed. It is a really bad situation right?

To summarize, everything that I wrote about changes from situation to situation. If you need to (If you are forced to do this)build small ones. If no one forces you to do an atomic bomb, don’t even do it, do not cause any deaths to get more space, do not harm animals and plants for only 30 kilometers. I ensure you that It will not be worth that animals and plants you killed, the mothers and kids you killed.

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