Can you hear that? Well it doesn’t matter because someone can. It is mind-blowing to hear don’t you think? Talking is overrated communicaion can be done many ways, most commonly used with sounds. The topic is one handled by many and I have nothing to add to it only rephrasing what is given to me. Did you know that human brain is incapable of creating anything original. Everything we do is a consequence of something someone somewhere at a certain time did. We are all frauds.

music ile ilgili görsel sonucuNo need to be too hard on one’s self. We humans are yet too inadequate. How about music then? No random sounds can be recreateded equally I hear you say. What a fool mortal you are. If it was your creation then it most certainly can. However contrary to popular belief you can be new just not original. Millions of musicians around the world sure know what they are doing. No doubt two kinds of music can be polar opposite. These are facts, take it or leave it. However, none of these mean that music is bad. By all means its the greatest creation of life. A person can carry a lot of emotions with just one song an thats beautiful. Surely, a life without music is not one worth living.

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