Back in Eins-time

If I had a time machine I would want to meet up with Albert Einstein. I consider him as the smartest man in the world. For me, Albert Einstein is a genius that can never be replaced, he thought I ahead of time.
I would want to experience of meeting him in his living years. I would want to go to the year where he first started to invent some stuff. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, in 1879. He was Hermann and Pauline Einstein’s firstborn child. Though he went to school as a child, he also received Judaism and violin lessons at home. He had taught himself geometry by the age of twelve. He failed an exam to qualify to train as an electrical engineer when he was sixteen years old. He continued his studies and devised a fresh strategy for his future. Einstein opted to pursue a career as a teacher by studying math and physics. Because he could think analytically and abstractly yet lacking imagination and practicality, Einstein believed he would be brilliant at it. He surrendered his German citizenship in 1896. He wasn’t a resident of the country. I think I would want to change some events in his life. I would befriend him and write everything he tells me into a notebook to know when I get back to my current year. I would want him to teach me physics and math and since I don’t really understand those topics. I would try to lead him into living more so he can contribute more to the science. When I get back to my year, I would wait until I finish high school and apply to major physics and pretend as if Einstein‘s unknown ideas were mine. That’s for the result me being one of the most famous scientists. I would want to experience some events when I’m back there. I would want to see the process of him thinking, to see him making up brilliant ideas that shaped today’s world.
When I go back in time I would want to see the differences such as, how people dressed, what was the typical mindset, and etc.

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