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The Metaverse is appeared because the next-era Internet paradigm that lets in human beings to play, work, and socialize in an opportunity digital global with immersive experience, for instance, through head-hooked up show for Virtual Reality (VR) rendering. With the assist of ubiquitous wi-fi connections and effective area computing technologies, VR customers in wi-fi area-empowered Metaverse can immerse withinside the digital via the get right of entry to of VR offerings provided through specific vendors. However, VR programs are computation- and conversation-intensive. The VR carrier vendors (SPs) must optimize the VR carrier transport successfully and economically given their constrained conversation and computation resources. An incentive mechanism may be for that reason implemented as an powerful device for handling VR offerings among vendors and customers. Therefore, on this paper, we advise a learning-primarily based totally Incentive Mechanism framework for VR offerings withinside the Metaverse. First, we advise the best of belief because the metric for VR customers immersing withinside the digital global. Second, for brief buying and selling of VR offerings among VR customers (i.e., buyers) and VR SPs (i.e., sellers), we layout a double Dutch public sale mechanism to decide premier pricing and allocation guidelines on this market. Third, for public sale conversation reduction, we layout a deep reinforcement learning-primarily based totally auctioneer to boost up this public sale process. Experimental effects display that the proposed framework can attain near-premier social welfare whilst decreasing as a minimum 1/2 of of the public sale facts change value than baseline methods.

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