Bad mood can be the key to success

Yes. I agree with this opinion. A research revealed that some people who are in a pessimistic, bad mood have more focus on their work, they are more careful, time efficient and more effective in their priorities. In the same research, it was shown that in some cases a good mood might have negative effects.

Tara McAuley, a professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo, and Martyn S. Gabel, a research fellow, researched how our emotional response and mood affected our daily needs and work skills. Nine separate tasks were given to 95 people who participated in the research to measure the interaction of emotional and analytical difficulties with various working memory and were asked to fill in specific questionnaires. 

McAuley: “Our results show that a bad mood has a positive effect on some people’s thinking skills. Thinking skills are important to a successful business life”. People who have fast, intense and persistent emotional reactions are performing better in executive functions, especially when they have a bad mood. But the quieter people are negatively affected by the bad mood. These results suggest that a bad mood in people who are more emotionally responsive to developments can help management skills.

McAuley, however, says that acting cranky and over reacting to everything should not be interpreted as positive. He states that emotional responses change from person to person and are shaped by many factors over the years, and our mental health depends on them.

Professor McAuley stated that more research has to be done on the subject and some studies have shown that highly reactive people are more susceptible to negative emotions.

I think a person focuses on his/her work more attentively when he/she has a personal problem. Some people can be more successful in their work when they are in a bad mood and some people can not be successful if they are not in a good mood. I think when a person has a personal problem and wants to forget it for a while they can be more successful in work.That is the time when all he/she can think about is their work.


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