bad sky

the sky was pink. It was a quiet morning. I had just woken up. voices were heard from outside. When I looked outside, my family was having breakfast. Everyone was there except me. even the neighbors were there but they didn’t wake me up. Suspicious, I took off my pajamas and went downstairs to the garden. suddenly thunder roared. My mother and father had disappeared. The neighbors started laughing. The 1st neighbor whispered to the 2nd neighbor and said, “Now we have to kidnap the kid inside. I was very scared and went to the toilet at home. but then i came back because in the movies i watched they always used toalette. I got scared and decided to hide under the sofa in the living room. I got under the seat. the doorbell rang. They thought I was still asleep. They sneaked in with the key. Then they went to my room. When they opened the door to my room, I immediately got out from under the seat and ran outside. They understood that I was running outside. When I went outside, they shouted at me from behind, “If you run, we will kill your mother and father.” I was so scared I didn’t know what to say and immediately called the police within 2 minutes. Just in case, I got scared and called the police. I went to them because I was afraid and asked them what they wanted from me. The only word they said to me was money. He told me that they need money and that’s why we will sell you to the organ mafia. At first I couldn’t understand and couldn’t believe it. Then I felt a pain in my leg. I was shot with a gun. My leg was hurting so much. I was losing a lot of blood. Just as my eyes were closing, sirens sounded from outside. I thought of the police I was calling and I was very happy. I would finally meet my family. But things never went the way I wanted. These sirens were the sirens of the organ mafia who came to kidnap me and my family.

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