Baker-Fear Street

I woke up in my room with the reflection of the sun. I was reviving my daily calendar in my head while watching the light touch my skin. After lingering in my bed for a few minutes, I finally got up. After getting dressed and prepared quickly, I quickly went downstairs and left the house, skipping breakfast.  The breakfasts that were made there didn’t help me much anyway. I stopped on the way and bought myself a bagel and coffee. And I started walking towards the subway road.


When I get off the subway, I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an adress written on it. This should have been the address of the psychologist I was going to. When I came to the street that says the address, I stopped an old woman and said, “Excuse me, is this Baker street?” I asked. And the old woman was looking at me with a strange expression, even pity. After she slowly approved of me, she continued to walk and I looked after her. “Probably she is got confused because of her age”; I thinked.


I was walking towards to the apartment, but I stopped because I felt something on my shoulder. But when I turned back, there was nothing, as I expected. I wanted to turn back  in the direction that I came, but it was too late fort hat and I really need to see that therapist. I was having huge problems with my family, and this was the way which could make things better. I had not noticed that it was really cold,while my thoughts were holding me captive. I gripped my jacket tight, but it did not helped me because I coulffeel my lips starting to turn blue because of cold. That was the time that I noticed something was going really wrong. I lifted my head and looked around, but it was nothing there. Then I saw someone, and I recognized that person. She was the old lady, that I saw minutes ago. I was so scared, but my feet were not moving. I tried to scream,but my head was under water. Suddenly, I started to drowning.


When I open my eyes in the psychologist’s Office,I was out of my breaths. She put her glasses on, give me a quick stare, and asked; “Shall we?”

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