Balance Between Two Lifes

People want to be good in their jobs. Sometimes they try to be the best. We can give academic success as an example. But is it good to try to be the best at academic issues?


Firstly, we must understand that people are social animals. So we need friends and some activities that can make us happy and positive. We can say doing sports, playing music instruments as example. Another thing is, human brain does not loves doing things that need energy. So we can say, brain loves doing lazy and effortless things basically. For example brain does not like studying but it likes sleeping.


For a better life, we need to work. It means that, sometimes we need to get tired and use our energy for do the right thing. People need money for a better life and people need a job for gain enough money. As a result of this money issue, people cannot stay alive with only doing some fun activities. In some situations people cannot gain money with using their skills and abilities. For example musician or an artist cannot gain enough money easily at undeveloped regions.


Of course we cannot drop out school because of this brain issue but we need to have a break sometimes. People must study or must work for a better future and better life. However people need to rest too. Trying to be best at lessons can be affect us positively if we keep the control in our hands. Because if we lose the control even studying can be harmful to us. Maybe it cannot harm our physical state but it can harm our psychology easily.


In the other hand, trying to be the best can help our academic life. We do not need to be the best but if we try it, it can help us to improve our academic life.


Doing both working and some social stuff balanced can keep us happy and successful. Maybe brain doesn’t love working but we can develop it by trying after all. I think balance is the key word and solution of this problem. If we keep it balanced, there will be no any further problems about both academic and social life.


For conclusion, we need to keep the balance between our academic and daily life. We cannot just do our academic or social activities. We need both academic and social life equally.

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