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Owning an animal comes with bunch of responsibilities such as giving him a walk, feeding and playing with the animal you own. The animal lovers say that you should never adopt any type of animal if you are not going to be able to take care of it.

Some people think it is better for the animals to keep them outside, they think that it is harmful for animals to stay indoors because they don’t  think the animals are happy because they dont feel like they are in their own house. Some people think it is better to keep them indoors because they think the world outside is not safe for them.

In my opinion, we should keep our animals in our gardens or outside, because the atmosphere outside is more likely to seem like their own house. That’s why they will be happy in the garden. I don’t think we should keep our animals indoors because they get bored indoor and not be happy. The animals should also be social.

There are also things you should do for your animals to make them happy outside. You should build him a shelter, give food daily, give water daily and put some toys for him to have fun. Another reason for us not to keep our animal indoors is that he wouldn’t  socialize with other animals indoors but when your animal is outside he would have friends and get socialized. An English newspaper says that the outdoor dogs are much more happier than indoor dogs.

You should also put fence around the garden so that the dog or whatever animal you own doesn’t escape. Another safety rule is that never forget to give your dog a walk. A Swedish scientist tested the death rates between the dogs who are walking and who are not walking daily and it comes out the dogs who don’t walk daily die earlier than the dogs who walk daily.

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