Be at Freddie’s Place

One of the most important things in my life is rock n roll and it has a very different place for me. I follow the people who make this music and I would really love to live like them. And I would love to live like Freddie Mercury, whom I know and research every detail about his life that I love most from these people. He is my idol and truly a legend. If I were Freddie Mercury one day in my life, my day would probably look like this:

We will release our last song with my band in the 1960s in America. We are very excited for our new song because we prepared a very different song when we announced our name to the rocknroll world. I – the  singer of the band – wrote the song myself and I believe that I have produced a piece that can bring all people together. We went to our agency and played the song on the radio. I was wondering about people’s reaction. Would they like it? Everyone who listened to the song began to comment. And our song was liked, so we decided to celebrate it. Brian, Roger, John and I went to the place where we first formed our group and made plans as if we were starting everything from the beginning. We were all quite surprised at how we rested so much and how people loved us so much. After spending time together, we broke up. I went to the person I love most in my life. to Mary. I haven’t seen her in a long time, I hope she’s happy with her life. Fate separated me and Mary. Even though Mary realized my differences and married someone else, Mary would always be the love of my life. I came to Mary and I couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad to see me when I arrived, but I couldn’t even talk to her. Because she had her husband with her and she wouldn’t let me in touch. As beautiful as the morning was, it ruined my day. Even though I couldn’t meet with Mary, I thought that at least they would remind me of her, so I went to my house. I spent time with our 5 cats that Mary and I bought together. They all reminded me of the good times Mary and I spent together. Years were spent thinking about the mistakes I made, and today, as I always do, was spent struggling with my past. There was a knock on the door and it was Jim. He was the only person who came into my life after I broke up with Mary. He brought food for the cats. So I left the house and went for a walk. While walking, I met my fans, they were all so happy. It was evening. I went home, ate dinner with my cats, and fell asleep watching my old concert recordings.

If I lived like Freddie Mercury one day, I think this is how my day would go. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him before he died. It would be great to see a person whose life I envy so much in reality. Rest in peace my favorite person Freddie Mercury.




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