Be Brave About Your Opinion

blankAll around the world, some people think that someone’s view is more important than the view of the person who wants to do something. Why these people don’t allow the opinions of themselves? In this writing, I am going to talk about this subject.

blankEvery people desire something. Some people don’t allow someone’s opinion about the thing that they want. But for some people, someone’s view is more important than the person who wants to do something. What is the reason of this difference? It is all about our surroundings. Let’s start from the beginning. So you can understand me better. If you won’t do any organization for the wedding, you are poor. It is like a “proving competition” if you are rich enough or not. When you were born people that want to celebrate your family “have to” bring something with them. When you grow up you will have some interests. And your surroundings will judge you with these interests rather than observing your tendency about something or your characteristics. In this way, you won’t do anything that you want. You will be the product of the people that are around you. When you have a child you will grow your child in this way. Your child will resemble you. If all of these things are the summary of your life, you will let the people to talk about you. But if it is not true for you, you represent your own being in this world. I have a question for the ones who have their own beings. How can you succeed to ignore your surroundings’ opinions?

blankFor me, I assume that I have my own being. Because when my family says to me like “They can judge you.” I prefer to think logically. I don’t hesitate from my surroundings so I don’t act on the film that they’ve written for me. I act on the film that I’ve written. So I can give you some ways to mind your opinions more than the opinions of people around you:

  • Don’t forget that:” People will always find something to talk about.” You can think that it is their nature. You are right. Everyone can find something to talk about including me and you. But you can not judge anyone for his or her preference.
  • It can not be your worth when someone talks about you. It is not objective.
  • You should realize the person who represents yourself. In this way, you can say that “ I don’t like this so I won’t do the thing that they said to me
  • Only you can know everything about yourself. According to it, they can not say anything completely true about you.

blankWith these little things, you can notice the only important thing, are you. Trust your being and take a decision according to this. You should learn to turn a deaf ear when they say something that is not related to your characteristic. Finally, let me leave you a sentence from Marcus Aurelius:

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” 

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