Be Social in Education


In these days schools want their students to have a multitasking skill.For that reason students are allowing time for these achievements from their study time. Also ıf these students are determind and want to be successful, no one can stop them. Also these types of students’ families want high notes or being the best of the class from thier children. But this is hard for them. Moreover if they could not successful in thier grades their families block their activities.


On the first hand the these activities are great for our future for school aplications and sefl-confidence. Also some parents said that ‘their child do not need to be the best of the class. If their grades were enough for them they should concentrate the activities that they do.’ Because they believe that life is not just about the grades or school. Children should develop their abilitis and self-confidence. That is why parents support their children for social activities. These activities give some responsibilities to children and having responsibilities have big effects on the child’s growth.

On the other hand spending time on social  activities is great but spending too much time affects your grades badly and at that time you start to fail your class. When parents see that they start to inhibit this activity. Because they think that this activity is blocking the study of the child. In some famlies, parents want high grades and be successful in the lessons only. That is why they do not care about the social activities or multitasking skill.  In that time student concentrates to his lesssons and grades. This is good for the future of the student because ıf he become a successfuş student he can educate in high quality school. But ıf this student exaggerate the study he become a student which is asocial and having problmes in communicate.


As a result ,as in everything, doing a social activity besides his lessons has both good and bad sides. For studets allowing time to social activities is great but ın soem parts ıt is bad for the students education. I think that great and real  successful students are the differents one. These ones are who is great at his activities and successful at grades. That is why having social activities is not affecting badly. Actually ıt is differentiating the students who have realy good future. Because having multitasking skill is important and usefull for our future.

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